Bridge Project 1

Innovative Product: A water bottle that reminds you to drink more water throughout the day.

Intended for Elisa Bustos.

Research and Proposal.
Studio 2 Bridge Project 1

Preliminary Design sketches/requirements.

FullSizeRender 14

I designed three prototype water bottles for Elisa, all with the intention of a technological advance to reminder her to drink more water. Each bottle has it’s own technology and shape, but similar materials of plastic and rubber. All three also contain 32oz of water (1/2 of the recommended amount). The first bottle has a water bobber, motivational ques along the side, connectivity to a fitbit, calculates how much water drank, and has a comfortable handle with clip. The second design is sleeker, but with no handle. It has a card for her name identification, connectivity to a fitbit, and has actual measurements along the side. The third design was meant to be the most interesting aesthetically. It fits in a standard cup holder, but has more space the higher it gets. It also has a handle and name card on the lid. This bottle does not have fitbit capabilities, but has it’s own reminder system, timer, and amount of water drank calculator. These three designs will help me when presenting to Elisa so I can interchange the aesthetics and technology best suited for her.

5 Why Questions:

Why do you drink water?
Because I know it’s healthy and my body needs it.

Why do you prefer water over sports drinks?
Sports drinks have calories, and yes they give you energy, but they really aren’t that healthy.

Why do you choose your go-to bottle?
Because it’s light in weight.

Why is it different than your ideal water bottle?
Because I know a light one would be plastic and I don’t really like plastic because the water doesn’t taste as good.

Why did you tell me you wish you drank more water?
Because I’ve never really liked drinking water. I just forced myself because I knew I should. Now I actually drink more because I work out more.

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