Project 2: Trashion

Project 2: Reconstructing Trash and Found Objects into Fashion.

In this project I wanted to play with the context of an umbrella’s purpose of protection. I wanted to manipulate it that the clothing made the women feel confident which provided the protection, rather than the actual garment serving as protection. Both of these tops offer boldness with shape, but femininity also.

Top 1: Found Suede, Umbrella wire, and Elastic from Shoe.

Top 2: Umbrella fabric, Found Fabric, and Computer Cables.

Inspiration and Found Objects:trash,fashion,inspiration

IMG_8129 FullSizeRender 26 IMG_8124 FullSizeRender 33

Top 1: I wanted to incorporate the umbrella in a non literal way. I used the umbrella wiring as boning to shape the corset top. With leftover fabric from a Space project, the playful color and texture contrasted to it’s bold shape. It also incorporated the elastic from the shoes as a solution for a fixture, but doesn’t make the top an actual corset. IMG_8462IMG_8464

Top 2: Still wanting to use the entire broken umbrella, this top uses the nylon fabric and pre-existing seams to create an allusion of a leather corset. Computer cords were also added to assist as straps.  IMG_8466 IMG_8468 IMG_8469

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