Project 3 Activism

My definition of activism:

The practice of emphasizing action in support of or opposition towards the social change of body positivity, offering solutions to feel confident with oneself and fashion, and/or simply bringing awareness.

Challenges involved in activism in regard to your topic:

  • The only fashion related activism involving fashion is lingerie or plus-sized.
  • Is it a company that integrates one demographic only
  • The size (as in networking) of the company/person
  • How to market and advertise

Dove Self Esteem Project


Their Mission:
“From playing sports and swimming to visiting the doctor, going to school, or just giving an opinion, anxiety about their looks can keep girls from living life to the fullest. For example, one in five girls in the U.S. feels negatively about her own looks when not wearing makeup. Globally, only 11% of girls would call themselves beautiful. Something needs to be done—and that’s where we come in.

At Dove, we have a vision of a world where beauty is a source of confidence, not anxiety. Our mission is to ensure the next generation grows up enjoying a positive relationship with the way they look—helping girls to raise their self-esteem and realize their full potential.”

Why they are activists:
“In the 11 years since we launched the Dove Self-Esteem Project, we’ve helped 17 million young people in 112 countries. More than 625,000 teachers have delivered a Dove self-esteem workshop and more than 1.5 million parents have engaged with our online content. No other organization is acting on this important issue on the same scale or with the same impact. We are also proud to say that by working with independent academic experts and conducting rigorous scientific research, we have been able to show that Dove’s self-esteem education is world-class and scientifically proven to significantly increase body confidence and self-esteem in young people.”

They are providing all three aspects: action, solution and awareness.

Aerie Real


Their Mission:

Their ads are “challenging supermodel standards by featuring unretouched models in their latest collection of bras, undies and apparel.” This means no Photoshop, and models of healthy weight.

Why they are activists:

“Aerie’s decision to show its models in all their real, unretouched glory makes an even stronger statement because of who its customers are. The brand, founded in 2006, is aimed at the 15-21 year old demographic, meaning young women in high school and college. And it’s widely held — and proven by numerous studies and surveys — that young women’s sense of body confidence is so often influenced by the images of female beauty they see in media.

One ad campaign won’t solve the complicated relationship between young women’s self-esteems and images of women in media. But when a brand beloved by teen girls shows off its cute bras and undies on bodies with real rolls, lines and curves, it can certainly help.”

They are displaying action and mostly awareness. Challenging other brands to follow suit (mostly towards their demographic, but still).


9 Social Media Campaigns that are also great body positivity activists that bring awareness, and encourage others visually and verbally:

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