Project 1 Final

Our first visual communication project involved making a simplistic pencil skirt for our partner. My partner Jaewon Kim was my main inspiration and client for designing. Elaborating this skirt more, our Shingo Sato technique was incorporated. Not only inspired by local architecture, this skirt takes strong reference to Kim’s preferred subway line.

While constructing this skirt, I had difficulty with learning how to draft for the first time. The technique of corners threw a curve ball for me. Despite having some sewing experience, that experience did not include such geometry of patterns. It’s easy to feel discouraged during challenges, but in reality it’s just a time to accept more things to learn and work harder for.

Throughout this piece, I am reminded of myself to stay true to my design aesthetic, while pleasing Kim as a client. Therefore I added inseam pockets, and incorporated Kim’s opinion for fabric decisions, both remain successful to my standards. In the end, the skirt has nice detail, symmetry and color scheme. This project really pushed me with new techniques of both elementary and complex including pattern making and seam line techniques.

img_2122skirt-1-side img_2145 img_2143 fullsizerender-3


Process pictures with fabric:

img_2082 img_2085 img_2086 img_2090 img_2095 img_2096 img_2097


Link to process pics of drafting, muslin, and patterns

Project 1 Process

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