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“Scraps: Fashion, Textiles and Creative Reuse,’ features creative and alternative approaches to confronting textile industry waste, “Scraps: Fashion, Textiles and Creative Reuse,” on view Sept. 23–April 16, 2017, presents the work of three designers who put sustainability at the heart of the design process. Highlighting contemporary design that embraces the tradition of using handcraft to give new life to scraps and cast-offs, the exhibition showcases work by Luisa Cevese, founder of Milan-based design studio Riedizioni; Christina Kim, founder of Los Angeles-based brand dosa; and Reiko Sudo, cofounder of Toyko textile design firm Nuno.

Through more than 40 works, the exhibition explores key facets of sustainability, such as the efficient use of materials and resources, the preservation of local craft traditions and the integration of new technologies in the recycling process.”

What I found interesting was the ability to take the original fabric out of context and envision it into a new way for sustainable thinking. I adored the use of new textiles and found it intriguing how each designer embraced textile designing. One made circles of many fabric selections to create a pattern. Another used the threads of salvaged fabrics and created a tassel/bunched group trim-like textile. And the third designer made first and second generation clothing out of scrap fabrics.

My personal favorite was the fringe and grouped threads. It brought color, texture and pattern to accessories or fabric panel. It made the final product look effortless, chic and contemporary. It had no hint of gimmicky aesthetics and was subtle in the denseness of actual sustainable actions done to create it.

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