DS Project 2- Comfort: Feminity


This project was focused on comfort. Originally, I found comfort in the art of watercolor-controlling yet loose, but decided to make it a component of the project, instead of the project entirely. In this era of fashion, clothing has become less binary and accessible to all sexualities. However, I find comfort being able to dress feminine. This can include: textures, silhouettes, necklines, draping, embroideries, purposes, and the overall ambiance to feel elegant. After researching the qualities of being a feminine woman in the business, energy, and spiritual fields, I pursued my collection. Inspired by the late 1940s and 1950s, the clothes include details of bows and floral motifs. My chosen fabric swatches were then rasterized into watercolor swatches, then translated into the designed clothing. The finalized watercolor illustrations are also accompanied with their flats, color specs, and (in person) actual fabric swatches/manipulations.

ds_p2006ds_p2004 ds_p2005 ds-drape-1 ds-drape-3 ds-drape-4 ds-drape-5 ds-drape2screen-shot-2016-12-14-at-7-58-04-pm







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