Cycling Pants Final

This pant project is intended for a strong, leading woman who is on the move. Her mode of transportation is by City Bike. She needs to look business professional while showing her personality, and functionality of biking down Manhattan. These pants are intended to be a part of an ensemble for the pre-fall season. The fringe incorporates both the movement of the bike and the movement of falling leaves. After much research, I discovered the ideal fabric, cotton with lyrca, best suited for this type of movement without turning into activewear. I also researched other cultures of biking such as my ethnicity of The Netherlands and their biking culture, along with the history of pants for women.















Fabric Swatch/Color Theory


Inspiration drawn by movement, power, season, disorientation, and the Amsterdam flag.

Pant silhouette inspiration

Sketched ideas


Process of pants (accidentally made skirt for practice demo pant!)

Actual muslin of pants, with and without trim detail

Actual Pant Process (worn by two models):


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