Project 2: Draped Bow Dress

Project 2 Draping Bow Dress


I began experimenting different drapes (final shown in pink) and decided on the knot and asymmetrical concept. I elaborated on my inspiration with vintage 40s/50s designs that embraced elegance, femininity and luxury through their drapes and silhouettes. I began to drape my actual project and finalized the concept of a draped bow.




The draped dress was finally complete. It is 90% hand sewn, features a center bow, an asymmetrical neckline, and inseam pocket behind the bow.


For the photoshoot, I wanted it to appear that the woman in the dress was a piece of art herself. To better suit this, I did an editorial shoot in The Metropolitan Museum of Art. Poses were also inspired from the same inspiration board.


Final On Form

Final garment from every side.

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