Final Studio Project Proposal IS2


Mock up/ prototype of ink and water.

I wanted to show the form, the characteristic of cellular structure moving in body, expanding, creating new cells by ink and water. I changed my idea from making a video to making a booklet. From the cover of the booklet, I want to use fake human skin, and carve a feel hole on it, so it can see through the pages under. In the book, there would be many pages of the visual image of I created by ink and water. I wanted to let people know, what is inside their body, and how important all the cells are, although the cells might be small and seems not important. But, actually they are some really pretty things that form who you are as a person. For the visual images, I want to use some half transparent paper, so all the layers can be seen through.

I think what is working for this mock up is the effect of the ink, the way that this came out, is really how I wanted it to be. But, I am not so sure about the color. I am going to continue work on the color and the choose of ink and materials.

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