Why does it matter? What now?

My favorite piece of the Graphic units would be the cityscape. It has the nice contrast of cold and warm colors, and the composition is clear and organized meaning there is a focus, a figure and a ground to the piece. Also, I created the feeling I wanted to create. It has the mysterious universe that’s full of planets of Korean Ramen with noodle comets floating around the planets. ¬†Korean town is still a place yet to explore to me.

My least favorite piece of the graphic units would be the wi-fi signal collage, which feels a little bit incomplete and the color selection is not quite right. Because the colors of the uc pictures are too bright, it was hard for me to put large chunks of bright color picture together so I kind of broke down the structures and colors to construct my “own” collage. The message I was trying to convey is that what if the wifi you are relying to in UC is not available? What if that friendly logo of wifi is now cut? But I am not quite sure if I made myself clear and I did not have a real composition.

I am definitely excited about how I can use adobe illustrator to transfer my idea digitally and finish them perfectly using pen tools and everything. Also, I will make sure I experiment with my composition until it¬†does not look messy and all over the place instead of working with a messy composition until I realize I don’t like.

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