In this project, we will create a piece that embodies or protects against a fear described to us by our partners. Our main goal is to create a wearable objects or garments that evoke a feeling or embody some aspects of our partner’s fears, and in the process to use pattern elements, structure and form in a meaningful way.

My partner Nalin’s  fear was shark, so I decided to make a piece that is fearful and scary, and instead of actually protect him, I wanted to make a piece that will bites back to sharks, also, I hope my piece will delivers an idea of ‘fighting back’ so that even Nalin isn’t wearing this mask, he will no longer be scared by what would hurt him in real life.

I started with making a prototype for my mask.


And in order to make a piece Nalin would actually like, I interviewed him about what kind of style he likes for the pattern,and he sent me three pictures of his favorite Indian architectures.


So I started to deconstruct these building and made scary linear patterns for the mask.




Picture of how I imagined the mask would be.


I constructed the mask after taking measurements of Nalin’s head.




When the mask was finally done.




Picture of a person wearing the mask.

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