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Soft Structures Final

The technique I studied for this final project was how elements fasten together. In my last project, I had used recycled materials from thrifted men’s suits and I carried that same idea along with experimenting different “lace up” designs.


Sketches & Brainstorming:



My process consisted of deconstructing the suits and then sewing them into pieces that could fasten together. I created many pieces with a mindset of where they would connect and laced them together with ribbon. I included very colorful beading to contrast the black pieces as inspiration from fungi.


Final Outcome:

I first played around with the layout of my pieces:

Initially, all pieces were supposed to be connected. However, I found it difficult with how some of the pieces that I made to hold their structure and decided to keep them separated.┬áMy concept for the piece started with the fascination of connections, so the separated pieces can be taken apart and resembled to the wearer’s choosing. The way the garment has the potential to constantly change to match the wearer’s personally or style.


My truthful opinion about this project is that is one of my weakest. I do not consider it a success because of the final outcome was not my vision for this piece, but I did learn from it. I how time consuming hand work it and my work process. This project was still a discovery that revealed myself as a studying artist.

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