Time: Response to Cartier Bresson


In 1964, Harry Benson captured a moment of the musicians, The Beatles, having a pillow fight taken in the swanky George V Hotel, as the moment before the impact of the pillow land on each other. This was captured when these young musicians found out that their “I Want to Hold Your Hand” had made it number one hit in the United State, as this photograph has captured the joy and optimist happiness as the expressions of the musicians conveys an exciting and youthful atmosphere. The composition of these musicians in the air, jumping, falling and laughing motions in a vertical way that establishes an active energy which insists that the audience would infer a positive message or event that had to happen to those young musicians moments before the reveal.  The way the photograph was set up had the audience anticipate the moments after the photograph was taken, as the bodies of those boys freeze in the air, as the moments after would have numerous outcomes.

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