Seminar 2 Reflection Post

The connection between Studio and Seminar:

My theme is Environment, and I did lots of research on impact, effects, cause, and the future trend. I put all my research on the mind map one in this post. And I search, studied, and used many different materials to create my diptychs. I have been investigating the impact of plastics on the environment. I chose to use plastics instead of wood because I felt like wood was a little bit overused for environmental artworks and thought to use something a little bit harder to work with. In my Seminar class, I was writing a research paper about Nature and Human and my thesis is “It is difficult to protect environmental degradation, such as deforestation and pollution, while simultaneously improving the human standard of living, which is defined to be the quality of living of a human being or the degree of wealth of a person.” I was trying to talk about the connection between nature and the environment. And in my studio class, I was trying to talk about the connection between human and plastic. As we know that plastic is one of the most severe pollutions for the environment. I have had the ability to connect my Seminar and Studio through the research and application of my topic and material chosen. In Seminars, I research and read about different environmental factors, and in Studio, I can apply the things I researched into the materials chosen and applications of the materials into my artworks. The link between Seminar and Studio has also enabled me to separate the research and the practical, making it more manageable to work with when crafting artworks. The connection also shows through the research and application of the research of the Seminar onto the Studio works; my Studio works are heavily influenced by the research I have done in my Seminar classes, it’s not just that my research is in the same area, but it also influences my Studio works.



The most challenging and rewarding throughout the process of the semester

The biggest challenging I had face is to write the final research paper. The research and eliminate resources are the hardest part. I was certain about my theme, and I want to talk about plastic pollutions. When I go through to the project and dip into it, I found out that everything is not that straight forward and simple. There were too many resources showing up. It was hard to distinguish which is reliable or not. I have to read through everything and find the most powerful and proper resources instead of finding any resources which seem like “great.” It takes lots of time; I can say that I spend half of the time to doing research and half of the time to write the paper. The final research paper was challenging, but it is the most rewarding project throughout the whole semester, as well. I did a lot of reading in the class, and I feel like every time I do the reading table is preparing my final paper. I learn a lot from it. I learned how to do mind maps, research in school archive, going to the library physically to do research, also learning the bibliography was interesting. The bibliography is interesting but tricky. There are so many different ways to write the bibliography for different resources. Seminar 2 was not an easy subject, but I was so grateful for the learning and seeing so many new things.

In the future:

“Environment” was the theme of my Seminar and studio class; also, I took the “Environmental system study” when I was in high school. I am going to keep developing my thought of the environmental base, even for my future career. I am taking Interior design for my university. I want to extend my belief in the interior study field. What I learned from the seminar was researching, and I am going to keep exploring new things about climate change, pollution, etc. And I am going to explore more sustainable materials which I have learned from my studio class. I wish I can use eco-friendly products to make out my projects in the future, and my future career.

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