Bridge 3: Trust Me I’m Lying – 3 iterative collage artworks

For Bridge 3 we were asked to create a fake news article based in the location we picked as a group. It all started by being separated into groups and than having a list of different locations and having to choose which location we wanted to go. When we picked our location we had to go and visit it with our group. We were asked to take notes, photos, audio video and color samples. Than we picked an artifact and we had to do a quick sketch of that artifact.

When I first started thinking about this I made sure I started sketching some ideas down to decide which would work best. I like experimenting with different materials and trying different things. so the first pice I created was the dollar bill one because I had a clear vision of what I wanted to achieve. so I photoshopped the background picture and printed it out. and than I used tracing paper and used the goof off method, and I was expecting different results but than I learnt that tracing paper isn’t very absorbent so the image moved around. I really like this piece and I am very happy with what I achieved. I really think that the criticism I got for this really took this piece to another level. I would like to improve the pyramid because I didn’t really expressed my ideas. I tried something in the begging because I didn’t know what I was trying to do so I was trying different things but they didn’t work out and I ran out of time because I didn’t know how time consuming was to cut the foam board.

The learning outcomes that I learnt were:

  1. I was taking risks and I was experimenting to see what was going on and how I could improve. For the triangular piece it has something 3D coming out and that was very hard for me to make and I had to try it many times to get it perfect.
  2. I reflected on my choices and I tried to improve my work and make it better by trying different things and considering and evaluating criticism.
  3. I learnt to integrate to mis things together and see how they look together and see that some materials don’t go together and are very hard to rock with.

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