Cover Design Competition (Studio)

Overall idea:

In the Integrative Studio class, each group was supposed to create a final cover design that links back to the iterative collages that we did for Bridge 3. Our group intended to include each member’s style on the cover so there will be different representations and symbols of the church.

We started off by planning different kinds of compositions. The triangles represent Alisa’s three-dimensional work, the statue represents Joyce’s drawing of the figure in her work, and the organ beside the triangle is one of Meng’s artifact.


Joyce started to work on the drawing first, which can also represent the body parts in our group’s fake news. Then, she sent the email to the other two members for further development.

Then we started to play around with the figure’s silhouette. Inside the triangle, Alisa put her mosaic-like pattern of the church to depict the mysterious but solemn atmosphere (color choice). The gold border adds to the feeling and creates a multiple-layers effect. After that, Meng drew details of an organ in ink on the right corner, and part of it becomes on top of the triangle.

We decided to leave the blank space on the upper left part as well as the bottom left part because the rest of the page looks very compact. Finally, we added a classic font to correspond with the whole layout (sinner represents the murderer in the story). The barcode is also gold and the original numbers are replaced by the phrase”face to face”.

   Final work on wall

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