Pledge Turn Prestige

“Who do you like”- mini magic trick.

First, as you can see is a plain white paper; no dot or no stuff was drawn. Right now, I split this plain paper as nice pieces. Let one of the audience come here, to write down the person’s name (who she/he like) and rub as small ball and throw into the glass water cup. Lastly, remain eight pieces, let the audience write down different people’s name, same as the first one (rub as small ball and throw into the glass water cup. Finally, finish all the writing. I use a pen to mix the paper inside the glass water cup and pour out all the nice pieces of paper that the audience wrote. I find out the audience wrote (who do you like).

The main part of this magic trick is how to split paper.

Make paper as three rows and three columns, and make sure know where is the paper location. Then, split paper from the right side first and the left side. Put them into a column; the center 258 pieces paper put the bottom. Splits again from right 7 first and the left side. The last paper will be 5, put the 5 on the top of all the paper. Why?¬†Only the serrations that have been torn around the “5” sides allow the audience to hand over to the audience the top piece.

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