BRIDGE 4: Research-led Design


Design Process:

Research note:

Design Brief:

The main goal of this project is ingrate with people about environmental change in our society. The project will be four different shape and different angle of the wood square. On each face of the geometric shape will symbol one of open space (public space) in our society. Moreover, the square will match and combine it with others to create a different point about the player’s view about society. This project uses four weeks to be made, from a small model made by paper and expand the large size of the shape. For the project, it needs to have plywood, glue, and some of color print paper to be built up. Overall for the project will be a puzzle with four different shape and open interior of the shape to represent the open space of the environment. In addition, the puzzle that can play and a different solution when the player is playing.



This sculpture has not achieved the goal that I want to have. The way of cutting angles and the measurement of my cube is not perfect and can’t hold the weight of cube. Due I didn’t measure and estimate the weight of cube. If next time, I will cut the measurement of the cube to be good and not using glue to combine other faces of the cube together. However, I’m very like the result of the background picture and some of the 3D model installation in my work. Overall, this project is good but not as the good that I want to accomplish.





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