language & letterform//final

For my final, I wanted to create a letterform using a compilation of shapes. Both of the ideas I had initially brainstormed incorporated repetitive structures on a small scale, and when combined, they would create a pattern-like effect. This piece is constructed from paper, ranging from vellum to a shimmery silver, to a variety of teals. My idea for this piece was to use polyhedrons to create a structure reminiscent of a geode. I chose the letter C because it is a curved shape, that when formed with a series of geometric structures, could stand on its own. Some of the hurdles I had to overcome was creating the wire structure underneath the paper- it was difficult to create a perfectly symmetrical C. This shows in the final structure, as the form kind of leans forward a little bit. The main struggle with this project was time management and the nature of the work itself. It was pretty menial and labor intensive, because all I was doing was folding and cutting these polyhedrons over and over. Not to mention, I burned myself more times than I’d care to mention with the hot glue gun. (I’m glad i didn’t end up using white glue, the hot glue was revolutionary and definitely expedited the process) I could’ve done better with the overall structure and getting the edges neater if this was a longer project, but with the time provided, I’m reasonably happy with the results.

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