core studio 4d final:: everything is a social construct

The concept for this animation sort of came out of an inside joke- but does certainly hold some truth. My original idea consisted of a simple A-Z video, mocking the format of kids’ educational videos. It was only in the storyboarding stage that I incorporated an element of social/political commentary. The construction of the video was honestly all over the place-I started off with style frames, then built GIFs from them. I then developed the GIFs a little more, and used them as parts in the final animation. I was originally going to have a voice generator voice over the script, but ultimately decided to use Todd’s voice instead. The most significant challenge with this animation was not being able to work on it from my laptop, as for some strange reason, my computer would not save the aftereffects file properly. Regardless, this animation definitely challenged my time management skills and my ability to compromise in terms of quality and what needed to be completed.

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