Final Logo and Paragraph

More and more of earth’s precious and vital forests are disappearing everyday. Not only do forests provide clean air and beautiful wildlife, they also are championed for tranquility and the ability to calm. With more industrialized and hectic lives, it is harder to find serenity. The Tillandsia bed is a comfortable and healthy place to rest where a wall folds completely over it like a half pipe, or only half the way like a cabana. The wall is covered in all types of Tillandsia plants, giving the illusion of a forest. The reason for Tillandsia plants is because they require no soil- they are air plants. Therefore, when the plants hang over the bed, no soil will fall down onto the person. The wall they are on can be opened and lay flat every day for the sunlight the plants need. The plants should be misted with a spray bottle about every other day for thriving plants. The Tillandsia bed is soundproof and equipped with surround sound of waterfalls and birdsong, as well as firefly lights. It escapes the pollution and noises of everyday life, providing the perfect and healthy way to rest and sleep.

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