Sustainable system final draft

Idea 1: mushroom/ kombucha leather wallet

input is the mushroom or kombucha that are grown and produced on my own

output is an environmentally friendly alternative to animal skin products (wallets), thus protect animals and the environment.


Idea 2: plastic bag tote bag/ wallet

input is the used plastic bags and used Chinese delivery chopsticks

output is that I use plastic bags to create plastic yarns and use chopsticks to knit them into a bag or a wallet. Therefore reach the goal of recycling plastics and making them useful again.


Idea 3: reusing fast fashion

input is some of the wasted, thrown away fast fashion items

output is to acknowledge the fact that fast fashion is one of the biggest cost of pollution, reusing these items and create some sort of garment, clothes, bags… that can be used again. Thus, help the environment.

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