Visual Culture Bridge project 1

The object I choose is an alarm clock. My partner has a tough time waking up in the morning and according to her she has a better time waking up to something annoying and loud so the base design of a bell alarm. When I asked she also said that if the shut off mechanism required thought or concentration it would help her more so I started brainstorming.

I first thought of having it be shut off with a pad lock combination or a keypad, but neither of us actually liked the idea.

So I started to looking up various alarm clocks with unique shut off systems for inspiration, such as an alarm clock that makes you get up and move around to turn it off,

one that requires you to stand up on it and apply your whole weight on it,

and an alarm clock you have to exercise with.

Using all of these I thought of a alarm clock that requires you to do yoga poses in front of it. Doing yoga is a good way to wake up your body and improve your health. On the clock there will basically be an extensionon one side with a screen and camera, the screen depicting a pose and the camera capturing you doing the poses.


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