Visual Culture Studio Bridge Project 3

Electric Cars

Question: Do electric cars leave a smaller carbon foot print than gas cars?

So far the research I have been doing has been to find out the differences in electric cars and gas cars. Specifically how much co2 is produced when they are made, how much gas cars emit when driven a certain distance, how much energy is used by electric cars to travel the same amount, how much co2 do electric companies make producing that amount of energy, and how is recycling and disposal done for each car. For the infographic I plan to visualize the co2 emitted when driven a hundred miles, kilo-watt hours needed to travel a hundred miles, and the co2 emitted to produce that amount of kilo-watt hours to show that electric cars, even at their worst, produce less.


I took inspiration from this electric car infographic

( to have it consist of multiple illustrations and few words to get the message across with out losing the readers interest and have it be sectioned off to tell different pieces of info and from some of the design templates showcased on a infographic template sitecomparison infographic templatescomparison infographic template ( to have the cars and info be compared side by side.



This is my sketch, it is nowhere near what want my final work to look like, I plan on having more illustrations and less dialogue.
This is my first rough draft, I intend to add more color coding, organize the placement of things more, and draw more emphasis on certain info

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