Bridge Project 3- Fashion as Social Statement

Introvert shaming is a Thing. All the introverts unite on this separately in their homes. That’s just how we function, we are quite and reserved and wouldn’t speak unless we have something to add to the conversation. People perceive us as sad, depressed, reserved, rude according how they want to see us from an extroverted society’s point of view. It is even effecting our grades as we can’t really get those 20% for talking away in class. So we are at a loss. I when given the opportunity was excited to express my mind on this particular topic. Mine and Sharon’s friendship bonded over this fact. Hence, we decide to collaborate for this project. We thrifted two different hoodies. We went around at least 15 different fabric shops to ask for scrap fabric and sample fabric to put in our hoodies. Sharon bought some fabric for hers as she was going for a different aesthetic. In the end the hoodies symbolized an Introverts personality: Quite on the outside vibrant on the inside.

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