Time Collage

I wanted to make a collage that would show the timeline of the trees in the forests of Venus. The first is just a young tree and it represents the time of the forest when the sun is out, and the bright and rich colors of the leaves represent the blooming of the trees. The second one is a very tall tree, which represents the 7 year long time period that the tree had been growing for; I showed very less leaves on the top for this tree and mostly the bark to emphasize on the length of the tree and that the leaves go even higher. The third tree comes from the phrase in the story “A thousand forests had been crushed under the rain.” I overlapped the trees with one another to make it seem like they are connected with each other. All of these trees are placed inside of water because it represents the amount of rain and the pressure/impact that the forests go through in 7 years. I added bubbles to make it seem like we are viewing the land of Venus through water: to combine the surface water and the land. The blue sky above the water surface also comes from the story; “The sky around it was blazing blue tile color.” The color does not exactly show the time when the sun came out but a more neutral tone. I played with a lot of color combinations and this one was the most powerful. The redness of the first tree was coordinating really well with the color of the land.

Below is another image of a different color combination:

Other version: In here, instead of showing the crushed tree, I decided to show the actual growth of the tree properly: from it being really small to it being so tall we can’t even see its leaves and branches.

Initial Sketch:



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