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The president of Tyson inc. is Tom Hayes. Tyson is an umbrella corporation for brands such as Tyson, Jimmy Dean, and Hilshire Farms. Prior to being the CEO, he was the head of all operations and commercial functions. in 2014 he was one of the heads responsible for quality and safety assurance.

They use over 11,000 independent farms around the country to source their poultry.

Tyson works with the large distribution company called Aramark. Aramark, like Tyson, is an umbrella company. One of their sectors is food distribution for public schools around the country. They serve the same meat that they do for their own brand to the children and various other events they may cater.

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The “farmers” put all of the chicks into a trough and jab at them with metal rods and break the chicks necks with their fingers. They are put into pens to feed for six weeks in their own waste, then once they are big enough taken to the slaughterhouse. Occasionally, they will try to kill the birds but not succeed, this leaves them suffering until they end up dying or being killed again. Tyson puts growth enhancers into the chicken feed so they can obtain as much meat in the shortest amount of time. They become so obese that it causes physical deformities, like broken legs, that leave them to die due to lack of food and water.

Nose Bones:

There are two different types of birds that these farms produce, broilers and breeders. The broilers are the ones that get fed growth hormones and are sent to Tyson to be killed. The breeders are male birds that they want to survive for a while to ensure the quality of the new chicks that are being born. In order to keep the birds alive and not overweight, they are restricted food and live in constant hunger. Their offspring with then get the genetics of constant hunger and rapid growth, resulting in the constant cycle of obese young birds getting killed. Nose bones are plastic rods that are punctured through the chicken’s nose, similar to a septum piercing. These inhibit them from eating all of the females food, they only try to eat their food because they are forced into starvation. The bone physically prevents them from fitting into the females feeding slots.


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Factory Farming: Misery for Animals








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