Bridge 2- Site Reading and Message Analysis

The message I discovered is that Barnes & Noble is trying to evolve to meet the demands of our digital age. I chose this because bookstores are becoming less relevant due to the internet. It is interesting to see how a large company like Barnes & Noble are adjusting to this change. This message is shown by the giant Nook/kindle section on the main floor. You can see it from the entrance, that way, both potential customers outside, and people inside the store can see it immediately. This attracts people because it’s become less appealing to carry books around, and the nook makes this easier. Also, the Nook functions as a tablet, so that makes it more attractive to people who do not like literature. Branching off from the tablet section is the movie/CD section. The people that gravitated towards the digital section because they do not like reading are drawn from there to the movie section. Barnes & Noble are covering all their bases to attract people who do not find reading appealing. There is an influx of those types of people due to being dependent on the Internet and other forms of media.

On the other hand, they are also trying to market themselves towards the main group of people that are still heavily into reading- hipsters. Barnes & Noble are using gimmicky things like the “Blind Date Book”. I have seen this on Instagram, so that might give insight into how they choose to do their marketing. Other proof that they are tailoring to this new group is the vinyl records by the entrance. The increase in popularity is due to the indie-alternative crowd, so B&N is trying to market towards those type of people. This company has both their bases covered- people who do not like reading, and the main group that currently does. This shows how a large institution like Barnes & Noble is adjusting to the changes in society that the internet brings.


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