Bridge 4 Proposal



  1. 3 questions that address your research topic (these can be new questions or one’s from your taxonomy…as long as they are relevant).
    1. If I am going to explore gender expectations such the expectation of women to wear/desire makeup, what can I learn about gender coding and how it’s marketed in the commercial world?
    2. If I am going to examine gendered objects, what can I learn from individuals who don’t abide by gender roles in terms of accessories? If I am going to examine how different accessories such as earrings and rings are heavily gendered, what can I learn about these objects’ histories that will give me more insight into the development of these roles?
    3. How is gender constructed during childhood and reinforced later in life?
    4. If I am going to research gender stereotypes/ toxic masculinity, what can I learn about the role of the patriarchy in our society in how they were formed?  
  2. External resources such as visual images from other artists you find relevant and inspiring.
    1. In and Out- Louise Bourgeois  
    3. Cave of Secrets,” an installation by Liz Collins 
  3. Images from visual “popular” culture that you think support your thesis.
  4. Cultural artifacts (this could be multiple images from your taxonomy or new visual information found on a museum website, etc.).
  5. Relevant data collected from your research in seminar (this can be quotes or links to articles or websites, etc.) which support or reinforce your project idea.
    3. Leaper, Campbell. 2000. “The Social Construction and Socialization of Gender During Development.” In Toward a Feminist Developmental Psychology, edited by Patricia Miller, 139-151. New York: Routledge, 2000.
  6. Any research on mediums and materials you have or plan to do/conduct. For instance, if you plan on making a sound installation, what do you anticipate you will need to research? (microphones, digital recording devices, etc.)
    1. Video using found footage
      1. Prelinger archives
    2. Sculpture/installation about clothing and gender coding
      1. Research installation work
    3. Sculpture using clothing/iron/embroidery
      1. Researching more iron on/screen printing tactics
      2. Researching embroidery
      3. Gendered clothing and textile examples
  7. Create 3 mock-up sketches of your idea (or ideas) in your journal/sketchbook (can be done digitally) and include them in this LP post.

Research topic-

Gender is solely a social construct which is formed during childhood then reinforced through society and media.

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