Juanli Carrion – Studio Visit: IS2


  1. OSS- How would this piece change if it was based in another location?
  2. OPUS 2012- What would change about this project if it was created currently/ addressed our current political climate, because much has changed since 2012?
  3. ON STAGE- How has the meaning of the piece been affected from being site specific to becoming an installation?
  4. BNRW- How did he manage to use so many different mediums in a cohesive way?
  5. UNDRAMATICS- Why was this specific location chosen?
  6. 10.21-23- How are all the different aspects of this piece exhibited collectively?
  7. KEI-SEKI- How were these pieces created and then installed in these landscapes?
  8. BRIGHTEXT- What does the use of the traffic signal vinyl add to the piece?
  9. ATLAS- What represents “kitsch” in this piece.
  10. EDAD- How did he crystallize the objects?

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