Product Brief – Chindogu

When I started conceptualizing my idea for the Chindogu, I started off with the functionality of them. In reality, these shoes are slightly hazardous and very impractical. With this in mind, I knew I wanted to make them look as obnoxious as possible. In my sketchbook, I made a quick sketch of a shoe and watercolored it with vibrant swatches. With my low resolution prototype, I decreased the amount of suction cups that would go onto the shoe for financial and efficiency reasons. When I went to buy materials, I knew that in order to enhance the color-blocking, I would need to choose a shoe with differentiated sections so that it would be easier to paint. To attach the suction cups to the sole, I first tried to hot glue them. With the amount of grip they produced, they  suction cups kept falling off. To ensure that they would not fall off, I drilled holes into the shoes and the suctions cups and then bolted them shut. 


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