Int Sem 2: Primary Sources & Political Spaces

 Charged with eroticism and dehumanizing fixation, Asian women play a big part in modern sexual fantasies. The sources that I will be using for my project based on the fetishes of Asian women are Asian American women’s literature, online photos of Asian pornography, and stories written from Asian women’s perspectives during the time that their culture expressed these submissive values. Betrayal and Other Acts of Subversion: Feminism, Sexual Politics, Asian American Women’s Literature by Leslie Bow is a book that analyzes how femininity and Asian American identity are cohesively linked. Another is Addressing Domestic Violence and the South Asian Community in the United States by Margaret Abraham (pp. 191-201). This is obtained through, Princeton University Press, New School Library online/in person and will be using data from about European colonization of Southeast Asia as well as statistics on violence against API women. I will be looking into artists using Asian women for their subjects, such as documentaries/interviews on Nobuyoshi Araki, a Japanese photographer known for his images of BDSM using Asian women, as well as reading articles on Ren Hang. This will be accompanied with photos I find online and artist references.
For my second project about dreams, I will be using research on dreams using the same archival collections including, Princeton University Press, and the New School Library. “Dreams.” In Philosophy of Dreams, by CHRISTOPH TÜRCKE and SUSAN H. GILLESPIE is one of the sources that I will use for a stepping stone into my research. I will also use Freud’s Wishful Dream Book By Alexander Wels. I will be looking for photos of artists who try to convey their dreams in drawings/photography/films. “DREAMS IN FILMS AND FILMS AS DREAMS: SURREALISM AND POPULAR AMERICAN CINEMA” by STEPHEN HAROT is an article that looks into dreams portrayed in films. This will help me understand how I can successfully achieve lights that will convey a dream-like atmosphere and how I can set up my subjects/setting for my photography portion.

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