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Level: Summer ESL+D | ESL beginner to low-intermediate

Language Focus: Adjectives and adverbs + synonyms and antonyms + pronunciation

Design Focus: Gestalt Principles of Design, Color Theory, and Art Movements

Time: 6 hours (5h. 35 min. activities + 25min. break+debrief)

Prep time: 2 hours


Lesson Description:

gate·way  ˈɡātˌwā/noun

an opening that can be closed by a gate.

“we turned into a gateway leading to a small cottage”

  1. a frame or arch built around or over a gate.

“a big house with a wrought-iron gateway”

  1. a means of access or entry to a place.

         “Mombasa, the gateway to East Africa”


Lesson Description:

In this lesson, students visualize themselves (temperament, personality traits, aspirations, etc.) through gateways. The teacher provides a psychological test— “which door would you walk through?”—to prompt students into noticing design details that could correlate with abstract concepts, such as “artistic personality=orange door.” In introducing Design Principles and Color Theory, students engage in analytical thinking as a way to translate human qualities into visual principles and elements when designing gateway; an understanding of adjectives and adverbs support students’ in writing personal descriptions and project’s rationale. Students explore digital and analog design tools, such as Adobe Photoshop and hand-made 3D objects.


Contemporary Art: Cristo and Jeanne-Claude “The Gates” NYC, Central Park, 2005.



Snow Moon Gate, Andy Goldsworthy, 1986. 


Forged steel & bronze / by Chris Moore



Visual Aids:





  • Adjectives + Adverbs vocabulary



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