Week 3: Material Systems and the Anthropocene

Eva Smorodina

Sustainable Systems LS

Week 3: Material Systems and the Anthropocene


1) I think all 10 criteria can fix problem of Anthropocene, I think the most important criteria is environment because all the materials and resources come from our surroundings, so we can create long usable, “long life design” from that.


2) The Samovar meets most of the criteria, it has a valuable but affordable cost, it is well manufactures for customers and easy to use, it serves its function well as well as totally 100% safe to use. Samovar had very unique design, it environmentally friendly as it is made of cooper or other metal. Those would be the main criteria I think speaking of some difficulties that Samovar might face is repair as it was made long time ago people do not sell them often nowadays, so therefore no high demand in sales.







4) How did you come up with this idea? Where did you get the inspiration from? What was the hardest thing to achieve form you in the process?





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