Design Draft + Final Project

Design Draft + Final Project





STUDENT NAME: Eva Smorodina




PROJECT NAME: Shoe protectors




WHY did you make this project?  What is its core function and concept?


I decided to create this particular project based on my inspiration during trip in Miami. I did a research on sea levels and global warming and Florida experiencing a lot of issues right now, so I decided to create show protectors in case of floor made from my old raincoat.










What event(s) of environmental change will it help YOU adapt to or navigate?


Global warming and sea level rising.









In what ways will this object be useful and meaningful to YOU over 50 years?

How does it offer aesthetics and function over time?


Global Warming is progressing right no so flood situation might get worse even though we trying to be aware and stop the progress. Therefore, no matter what in 50 years I can use my protectors in case I ever need it.



What materials did you choose to use and why?


I am using my old rain coat made of Ethylene vinyl acetate or it’s called EVA, its eco-friendly material, tear resistant and does not release smell or smoke when you burn it.





2) Read the following article: Damaging Your iPhone, Accidentally, on Purpose (Links to an external site.).

– How you ever felt this way about an object you’ve owned?


No because I like my old things and I get really attached to them.


– How does your final project challenge having this mentality towards objects?


My final project will help in a flood situation and just be helpful during transportation or moving or protection. It’s pretty straight forward.


3) In preparation for next week, read about what New York City (Links to an external site.) and Central Park were like during the Pleistocene (Links to an external site.) (the last Ice Age). Write a brief summary.


This basically talks about how in NYC we can see a lot of left over from ice age.  There were a lot of marks left in nature that represent it and we can see the change faster than we expect.



4) Listen to this 23-minute podcast. “We are the Meteor” (Links to an external site.):

– What surprised you about this audio piece?


It was surprising how fast everything is changing, and people don’t realize it.


– Given what was discussed in the audio piece (and after taking this class), reading about what New York was like during the Pleistocene (last Ice Age), what do you think New York City’s climate will be like 1000 years from now?


The audio talks about temperature decrease, therefore in 1000 years NYC will get colder so there be no living things or that we will be able only to survive underground or in hidden places.



– What are the five reasons, shared by the Dutch scientist (audio timecode 17:00) explaining what humans are “wired to destroy our environment?” Do you agree?  Does your final project counter any of these reasons?


–  value personal interest over other interests

– humans value present over future

– humans obsessed with status.

– humans copy behavior

– humans disregard novel environmental threats.


I do think some people are like that unfortunately and my project does think about present more than future.

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