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Shitty first draft

When you look at the communities that are created through social media and other technology, you can begin to understand how this can create spaces that perpetuate hate. Places like these often have few policies to “censor” what people say and even if they were to have a form of censorship people often aggressively push back against this because they say it is a violation of freedom of speech. Whilst we obviously don’t want to delete or block posts simply because we disagree their statements, it is important to also acknowledge the difference between a simple opinion and a statement that could cause people to feel unsafe or even instigate violence. Donald Trump often tweets incredibly politically heavy statements about different cultures. Whilst he doesn’t usually directly threaten groups in his tweets he speaks in a derogatory way that can cause extremists or people with mental illnesses to interpret them and twist them into words of action and violence. This creates more issues. In recent years since Trump’s election, as hate crimes increase, there have been studies done to see if their are any direct relation between specific acts of hate crime and times when Trump makes tweets that are specifically xenophobic or hateful. Through their studies they have linked

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