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Shitty first draft: 04/15/2019

When you look at the communities that are created through social media and other technology, you can begin to understand how this can create spaces that perpetuate hate. Places like these often have few policies to “censor” what people say and even if they were to have a form of censorship people often aggressively push back against this because they say it is a violation of freedom of speech. Whilst we obviously don’t want to delete or block posts simply because we disagree their statements, it is important to also acknowledge the difference between a simple opinion and a statement that could cause people to feel unsafe or even instigate violence. Donald Trump often tweets incredibly politically heavy statements about different cultures. Whilst he doesn’t usually directly threaten groups in his tweets he speaks in a derogatory way that can cause extremists or people with mental illnesses to interpret them and twist them into words of action and violence. This creates more issues. In recent years since Trump’s election, as hate crimes increase, there have been studies done to see if their are any direct relation between specific acts of hate crime and times when Trump makes tweets that are specifically xenophobic or hateful. Through their studies they have linked

Rough Draft In Class Reflection: 04/29/2019

What do you think about drafting?

I think drafting is an important way to lay out all of your ideas on the page to start your paper and your writing process. However, sometimes I find when I spend too much time pouring over draft after draft I get too stressed about making everything perfect and it actually makes the paper poorer rather then better.

How do you feel about starting the drafting process?

Overall, good. I sometimes find it difficult to start writing. In this case I had a little bit of that, but writing a “shitty first draft” where I kind of just started rambling about the issue helped my ideas flow better.

How do you start the drafting process?

I tried to continue the process of “shitty” drafting as I worked on my 5 page rough draft so that I wouldn’t get stuck. Then I went back and sectioned ideas off a bit more clearly after doing this.

How do you think you deal with the anxiety of writing?

I guess the best way I find it is to start writing. However, it’s also very stressful for me to force myself to sit down and write something when I am really not feeling inspired at all. Sometimes, if I feel I really won’t be able to get any work done it’s better to take a break and then come back at another time. Or else I may feel more discouraged then before. Usually, though once I get into the rhythm of working on something and I have more thoughts laid out I am able to work quite quickly.

How do you feel about your rough draft due today?

Final Draft Reflections: 05/06/2019

How do you feel about your final draft?

I think generally pretty good, I think it’s overall clean and edited and the research behind it is solid.

What do you like most about your final paper?

That it’s finished? I guess probably just that I was able to get through a lot of different information and opinions and write something that is clear. When I did the research there was a lot of random articles and opinion pieces about the topic so it was a bit difficult to go through everything and find studies and more factual evidence.

What parts of your paper did you feel still needed more work?

I think I could have spent more time adding another paragraph that goes more in depth about some possible solutions. At the same time, I don’t know if this would have been effective because I’m not really qualified to give any real solutions. So it may not be productive to do that. I think I could have fiddled a bit more with my conclusion as well to make it stronger.

How do you feel about your writing process as a whole?

I think it was good. I spend a decent amount of time on the rough draft and final draft. At the same time I don’t feel like I overworked or overanalyzed it to pieces which I sometimes do if I spend to much time on it. This sometimes makes the paper worse, not better.



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