Assignment Reflection/3 Favourite Projects

For my first time collage I used photoshop to edit multiple pictures of trees that I shot looking up. I wanted it to look fractured and a bit disorienting.

The next collage, also comprised of tree images focuses on how time speeds up as you get focused on something.

Finally, the last collage is a compilation showing people crossing the street. It is meant to look almost like a storyboard of a video where people are crossing the street. Except, you can visualize the commotion of this over time in one image, rather then several.

My video essay discusses concepts of industrialization and climate change by juxtaposing modern New York City to how it looked before anyone lived there. By combining imagery and sound of nature and the city environment I worked to build up momentum towards the peak of industrialization and then a slow descent back into nature. (What would happen if climate change wiped out NYC possibly)

For my final open works project I combined the process of a visual experiment with a video that documents my work. I have always thought that I worked better at night then in the morning. I was curious to see how my art may differ in its looks if I worked in the morning or late at night. I decided to spend 30 minutes doing one watercolour painting early in the morning and then another 30 minutes on a separate painting at night to compare the results. The video, which would be displayed alongside the pieces in a gallery setting,  documents the process and asks the viewer to question the paintings differences and decide which is night and which is day.

Link to Google Drive of Video:

(because this video could only be on google drive, it is only allowing me to make the link an active link. Sorry about that)

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