Chelsea Galleries Reflection

I went to the David Zwirner Gallery knowing nothing about the current exhibit or the gallery in general. I was pleasantly surprised that the gallery was showing the works of Wolfgang Tillman. I had heard of him before, but was not too familiar with his photography. Upon visiting the gallery, I noticed that much of his work is colorful and soft looking. He captures grotesque, mundane, technological, and abstract things through a detailed, light, and organic lens.

One piece that interested me was this darkly lit room that had lamps, cushions, and school styled seats scattered around. A recording of Tillman played. At one point, he was talking about a project he was thinking about pursing. I forget what exactly his idea was. When I first walked into the room, there were three young and trendy looking couples sitting on different sides of the room. I thought they were a part of a performance art piece because they all had similar clothing styles and I didn’t see any description for the installation, but I realized they were just gallery visitors. As I sat down and looked around, I felt that we were all a part of the piece. We were all sat in silence listening to Tillman’s stream of consciousness. The piece was designed for us to be there and listen.




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