Semester Reflection

Throughout the semester, I had to recall many memories, leading me to dive deep into my past, identity, and family and friends. Many questions had been lingering in my head about who I was and why I felt certain ways about various people. I’ve realized that your brain is like a muscle and needs to be active in order to stay in shape. This past semester, I feel like I have been working out the memory part of my brain and have answered many of my questions from remembering what actually happened in a moment from a more open minded and wise point of view. In this past year I feel like I’ve struggled with remembering things. Although a lot of great things happened for me during my senior year, I often felt numb- like I was floating through it all. Perhaps it was because I was heartbroken or just in a transitional period that made it easy for me to feel detached. I wasn’t present and it led me to forget a lot. In the novel Their Eyes Are Watching God, there’s a quote that I’ve been thinking about this past year, “there are years that ask questions and years that answer.” I feel like many of my questions have been answered through being present and diving through my memory in studio and seminar class.

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