2011 Sketchbook Page

In 2011, I started dating my first “boyfriend”, Jake. We were in 6th grade, super awkward, and barely talked in person, but that was my label for him at the time. We had been dating for a month or so when Christmas time came around. One day, before holiday break started, my class and I had just gone back to our homeroom after recess. I sat at my desk and reached into the attached cubby/shelf where I kept my textbooks and writing tools. I was looking for my journal, but found a stack of twenty dollar bills. I was so confused. I thought that I had accidentally stole somebody’s money or that an eighth graders who had science class in my homeroom accidentally left their money behind. I thought I was part of a crime.

“Mr. Tuckness?” I said raising my hand. He stopped class to answer me. “Um, I someone left a bunch of money in my desk.”

I looked over at Jake and he had his hand over his eyes in embarrassment. Turns out Jake wanted to give me something nice for Christmas, but didn’t know what to get so he gave me $200. He had a conversation in Mr. Tuckness’ office during break where Mr. Tuckness explained that he doesn’t have to give things to people in order for them to like him back- or something along those lines. I didn’t end up accepting the money, but Jake used it anyways to buy me hello kitty clothes, socks, and headphones. I thought it was sweet, but for some reason broke up with him after Christmas.

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