Perspective Silhouette

Caption: “Rams receiver Brandin Cooks catches a touchdown in front of Saints safety Marcus Williams in the second quarter at the Mercedes Benz Superdome on Nov. 4, 2018.”

What does the reductive method of the flat silhouette reveal about the visual elements of the photograph you chose?

The flat silhouette reveals the overlapping of figures and connected elements. I find the layering interesting because it creates a whole new morphed form and requires one to first identify the different figures and characters, and then their relationship to one another. My silhouette is based on an image of football players, so I decided to create a pattern that resembles turf/grass. The paper in the background helps to inform the context to the silhouette image.

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  1. Rachel P Youens · March 14, 2019 Reply

    Thank you for adding the instructive caption. I agree that choosing athletic figures was an opportunity to investigate organic forms and how we can recognize them through an abstract treatment. Cutting the thin lines that delineate the playing field and connect their shifting scales, are also effective decisions that you made. Marking the ‘transparent’ newsprint has an interesting ambiguity of both grass and crowd. While the window at the top helps to compress what would otherwise be an open space.

    Concept: A
    Execution: A

    Thank you,
    Professor Rachel Youens

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