Bridge 3 – Taxonomy


  • What location did you visit for your visual research and what did you find?
    • I visited the Met and found that the Greek sculptures, objects that immortalize people or events, all depict people with generally neutral facial expressions. This made me think of how people want to look stoic in such permanent pieces of art. This also made me think about how these neutral expressions could just be a product of how hard marble sculptures are to make.
    • I visited my childhood room over spring break. I found objects that have accumulated in my room that have subtly given me a sense of comfortability in my little private space. I spent time with the objects I do not have at school and miss in somewhat of an unconscious way.
  • How did the locations (museum/gallery/etc.) you visited expand/broaden/deepen your understanding of your topic? (this includes: visual, contextual, historical, material based, etc.)
    • Visiting the Met broadened the historical perspective of my issue as it made me think beyond my experiences with emotion in modern society. It also made me think of materiality and what the image of a marble sculpture means in a public space.
    • Visiting my childhood home made me think further into the idea of private spaces and how objects affect one’s sense of being comfortable.
  • List the symbols, metaphors and visual references you put in your taxonomy and explain how/why they are relevant/important to your topic.  
    • The Bed –> The ultimate private space, physically and emotionally the most comfortable.
    • The window –> Gives a person in private the perception of being in “public”, the ability to be comfortable and think beyond your location
    • Small Personal Objects –> The objects we collect that unconsciously make us comfortable and are unconsciously given meaning.
  • What did you learn from Monday’s peer review about your taxonomy that was new or helpful?
    • My peers like the idea of keeping my final piece performative in some way in order to have that connection with the viewer that is vital to my concept.

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