Reflective Writing

In these past four weeks, I have done a good amount of work that really placed myself in Time. I felt as though the assigned projects really helped shed a new light onto applications and tools that I previously had never used.



Project: Single Frame; Transitional Space

With specific instructions, we were to individually go out and capture a space where the area could capture an essence of the past, present, and future.

This assignment was the first step for an upcoming project so I made sure I picked a space I genuinely appreciated and a space I could make the most of.

I came across this space on a random walk one day and immediately believed that that was the place I wanted to use for this project. There was a concrete staircase that essentially led nowhere which I thought was an interesting twist for this assignment.

Overall, I’d like to think that this project was a success. It created a solid foundation for what I wanted to achieve for the next project and built a good base I could work off of.


Project: Multiple Images

This project was created to help us further grab an understanding of time and motion within a space. By using multiple photographed images of a place of our choosing, we used InDesign to bring together moments in a single area.

The Multiple Images Project was the bigger picture of the two projects assigned and it was particularly easier to execute than the previous project due to the fact that I already had solid base I could work off of. As noted in my online Portfolio for this project, I utilized a model to really capture what I was going for.

This project could have taken many different directions but with the photos I chose, the one way I took it was the best way. (Refer for ELP for further descriptions.)

This project was also my favorite because I obtained a strong foothold in InDesign. Before this class, I had no idea how to work InDesign or even the mere fact that InDesign was even an application in Adobe Creative Cloud. Now I use InDesign for other classes due to the fact that it is my most favored program for making quick and easy layouts.



To conclude, I have appreciated and loved doing all the projects that have been assigned so far. They help me increase my knowledge in specific applications and equipment I would not have been able to learn.




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