Lasercut Polyhedron

We had to go to the laser cutting lab and construct a polyhedron out of whatever material we pleased. I created this layout in Illustrator.


I then chose plexiglass for the material. I first used the white opaque plexiglass but it didn’t cut all the way through and I moved the material in the laser cutter resulting in mismatched cutting.

I went back the next day and used the clear plexiglass just to change the material up a little bit but I had to run the laser multiple times on different speeds and powers to get the material cut all the way through. The problem with that though was that some areas of the material burned and created strange marks.

I began constructing the polyhedron and at first I made metal rings out of wire but the end product was loose and at one point I accidentally dropped it and a few of the rings fell off. So I decided the best way to connect them would be to wrap wire around the holes.



Overall, I am happy with the way this turned out. I added a “hanging” attachment to one of the ends so I could hang it in my room or somewhere. I would see something similar to these types of hanging room ornaments in stores so it was fun to create my own.

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