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January 2024

iGet Vape:電子タバコの新時代

iGet Vapeは、近年の電子タバコ市場で急速に人気を集めています。その理由は、iget vapeの製品が一貫して高品質で使いやすいこと、そして何よりもスタイリッシュなデザインを持っているからです。

How to Recharge Your IGET Legend 2024

If you’ve ever found yourself enjoying your IGET Legend vape only to be interrupted by a low battery and no replacement in sight, we’ve got you covered with 6 steps! Use pliers to remove the mouthpiece. Check for remaining e-liquid…. Continue Reading →

IGET Bar Charging Guide – 6 Easy Steps

Have you ever found yourself in a dilemma when it comes to recharging your IGET Bar, especially when the battery is drained, but there’s still e-liquid left? Here’s a concise set of instructions to help you navigate the process: Gather… Continue Reading →

5 Steps Help Charge IGET Bar Plus – Lastest Guide 2024

If you’re facing issues or unsure about how to charge your IGET Bar Plus, here’s a concise and effective set of instructions for you. These 5 steps help charge IGET Bar Plus for a successful charging experience, follow then start… Continue Reading →

Honest Review: My Experience with the Passion Fruit Watermelon Juice IGET Bar

Rating: ★★★★☆ (4/5 Stars) After hearing a lot about the IGET Bar range, I decided to give the Passion Fruit Watermelon Juice flavor a try. Being a fan of tropical and summery flavors, my expectations were pretty high, and I… Continue Reading →

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