If you’re facing issues or unsure about how to charge your IGET Bar Plus, here’s a concise and effective set of instructions for you. These 5 steps help charge IGET Bar Plus for a successful charging experience, follow then start with your Bar Plus vape:

  • Gather a Type-C cable, a charger and a power supply.
  • Connect the charging port and cable.
  • Charge the IGET Bar Plus.
  • Wait for the full charge.
  • Unplug promptly.

Want more details on charging and troubleshooting? We will offer an explanation of the charging process with elaborations. If you’re eager to know how to charge IGET Bar Plus safely and successfully, don’t miss it. Let’s continue reading right now!


IGET Bar Plus is a rechargeable vape known for its advanced design and superior performance, compatible with the IGET Bar Plus Pod. Featuring a Type-C port, it delivers massive puffs with a 650 mAh battery capacity of up to 6000 puffs. Explore safe and successful charging with the instructions below, along with solutions for potential charging issues.

Tool Preparation

Before we delve into the charging steps, ensure you have the necessary tools: Type-C cable, charger, and power supply for a smooth charging process.

Cable Only use Type-C cables; other types like Lightning or Thunderbolt won’t work.
Charger Ensure your charger meets the voltage and current requirements for IGET Bar Plus.
Power supply Utilize a wall adapter, plug, USB port, portable power supply, or computer to provide power for charging.

With the tools ready, proceed to charge the IGET Bar Plus safely.

IGET Bar Plus Charging Instructions

Before charging, prepare the necessary tools, with the essential Type-C cable that cannot be substituted.

  • Remove the cartridge to protect the e-juice.
  • Locate the Type-C charging port on the vape’s bottom.
  • Insert the Type-C cable precisely into the charging port.
  • Connect the cable to the power supply.

During charging, pay attention to the circular indicator light on the bottom. It remains off before charging, turns on during charging, and turns off after a full charge. Monitor the charging process to prevent overcharging and overheating. Do not exceed one hour of charging. Once the bottom indicator light turns off, indicating a full charge, unplug the device promptly to disconnect the power source. Remember to install the cartridge and test the vape functionality.

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How to Know When IGET Bar Plus Is Fully Charged?

Monitor the circular indicator light; when it turns off after charging, your Bar Plus IGET is fully charged.

Some Tips for Charging

Avoid overcharging: unplug when fully charged to prevent hazards.
Keep the charge port clean for a perfect connection.
Dispose of the vape properly when the battery reaches the end of its lifespan, and replace it for continued vaping.


Follow these meaningful charging instructions for your IGET Bar Plus. Repeated charging may impact tastes and performance. You can replace your Bar Plus timely and get a new one to continue your vaping. Also, you can refer to the IGET Bar Plus charging instructions below for more details: 👉 IGET Bar Plus Charging Instructions

FAQs About Charging IGET Bar Plus

Is IGET Bar Plus rechargeable?

Yes, IGET Bar Plus is rechargeable. Ensure it’s fully charged before use.

How long does IGET Bar Plus take to charge?

Typically, charging takes between 30 minutes to 1 hour.

How do you activate IGET Bar Plus?

Insert the pre-filled pod into the device three times rapidly, and a white LED light signals readiness for vaping.