Have you ever found yourself in a dilemma when it comes to recharging your IGET Bar, especially when the battery is drained, but there’s still e-liquid left?

Here’s a concise set of instructions to help you navigate the process:

  1. Gather your tools (pliers, scissors, a power socket, a paper towel, and a DIY charger).
  2. Open your IGET Bar.
  3. Remove the battery and tank.
  4. Connect the wire and turn on the socket.
  5. Perform four recharges, each lasting 1-2 minutes.
  6. Reassemble your IGET Bar.

This guide provides six beginner-friendly steps to effortlessly recharge your IGET Bars, ensuring you can enjoy them whenever you please.

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This guide provides comprehensive information on charging your IGET Bar, and it covers precautions, home charging, and DIY cable methods.

To ensure safety, I’ve conducted thorough research and successfully recharged five I GET Bars myself. Rest assured, this hands-on guide has you covered.

How to Recharge IGET Bar Vape

Follow the detailed text guide. Prepare tools like pliers, scissors, a power socket, and a DIY charger using an Android, Apple, or Samsung charger cable.

  1. Make a DIY Charger: Create a DIY charging cable by cutting one end of a charging cable, peeling off the protective layer, and exposing the colourful wires. Ensure not to cut the wrong end.
  2. Open your IGET Bar: Use pliers to open the IGET Bar carefully. Hold the device and piler to pull it apart gently. Be patient and avoid damaging the device.
  3. Remove the battery and tank: After opening, be cautious while removing the internals to avoid e-liquid leakage. Use pliers to grip the outer layer covering the cotton wick and pull it out.
  4. Connect the Wire and Turn On the Socket: Connect the red wire to the red end of the battery and the blue wire to the other end. Turn on the power button and socket.
  5. Perform four recharges, each lasting 1-2 minutes: Monitor the charging process. If the battery gets hot, stop charging immediately. After 4 or 5 charges, each taking 1-2 minutes, the process is complete.
  6. Reassemble your IGET Bar: Carefully reassemble the tank and battery. Ensure correct positioning of wires. After reassembling, enjoy more puffs.

Successful Charging VS Failed Charging

Check for enhanced flavour intensity and consistent vapour density to determine successful charging. If it doesn’t work, consider getting a new IGET Bar.

How to Connect the Wire

Different data cables have various coloured wires. Connect the positive wire to the red end and the negative wire to the green end of the IGET Bar battery.


Follow safety precautions, such as supervising charging, using a safe environment, avoiding overcharging, and following the manufacturer’s guidelines.


This guide ensures a seamless and secure charging experience for your IGET Bar, catering to both beginners and experienced vapers.


Is an IGET Bar rechargeable?

Typically, disposable vapes are not intended to be recharged. They have an integrated battery that cannot be replaced or recharged.

How do you charge an IGET Bar 3500?

To recharge an IGET Bar 3500, you need to connect the positive end of the charging cable to the red end of the IGET Bar battery and the negative end to the opposite end of the battery.

How long does an IGET Bar usually last?

The average lifespan of an IGET Bar ranges from 7 to 15 days, though individual usage habits and frequency of use can influence this duration.

Can I recharge my disposable vape?

Typically, disposable vapes are designed for one-time use, and they are not meant to be recharged.