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The Performance of Love

The Performance of Love – Thesis Documentation   The Performance of Love is an art installation. It presents the LoverSeat, a product designed to provide love and replace the human being in the relationship. The installation is a small-scale house… Continue Reading →

Thesis progress update (3/29)

The Performance of Love Concept I am making a critical design project which presents a fictional robot named ChairLover. ChairLover designed to provide intimacy and replace the human being in the love relationship. It is an art installation which lets the… Continue Reading →

Prototype 2 – Aesthetic

Concept How might we use affective design to enhance the engagement in human communication? I am studying the relationship between emotion in human communication and haptic experience, in order to explore the role of affective haptic design in social interaction…. Continue Reading →

Prototype 1

In this prototype, I want to know the association of texture and emotion. I used 4 different textures and put them into a box, in order to hide the appearance. I asked the participant to touch the texture without looking… Continue Reading →

Refined Domains and Concept

Concept: I am studying the relationship between tactile and emotion among human’s communication. I will develop a new communication system which uses tactile to convey the emotion. The study aims to probe the limits of human senses and tactile-emotional synesthesia. 

Feedback & Research

1st Concept Statement: I am studying how synesthesia can affect human perception in culinary art. I am making a ________ to let the user experience an extraordinary dining experience which reinterprets taste to other different senses.      I aim… Continue Reading →

Domains & Precedents

Refined domain map:   Precedents: Nakajima, Kyoko. “Multi-Sensorial Gastronomy by Philips Design.” Axis, no. 145, 2010, pp. 45, Arts Premium Collection Description: Philips Design creates a series of project related to the food experience in the future and this is one… Continue Reading →

Grid of 9

Initial ideas: I am interested in studying the challenges that non-US students face when finding jobs in the state. I experienced some difficulties a few months ago while I was looking for an internship. I want to study the situation… Continue Reading →

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