20 Questions

  1. What does gold color signify in religious arts?
  2. Why did medieval artists use gold color so much?
  3. Why did medieval artists gild gold color to the frame?
  4. What is the significance of gold color in Western art?
  5. Why did Andy Warhol use gold color for the background when he created Marilyn Monroe portrait?
  6. Why did Mark Bradford abstract the texts?
  7. What was the original text of Bradford’s painting?
  8. Why are there so many madonna paintings?
  9. What significance does the madonna painting have?
  10. Why did artists paint the background color of madonna paintings gold?
  11. What materials did Jean Dubuffet use and why did he use those materials?
  12. Why did Robert Rauschenberg painted over objects?
  13. Why are there so many decorations on the frame in classical paintings?
  14. Why did Andy Warhol use copied images?
  15. Why is the background of Marilyn Monroe painting so big compared to Monroe’s image?
  16. Why did artists use readymade objects?
  17. What was the purpose of objet d’art in the past?
  18. What is commodity fetishism?
  19. Is there a specific guideline or law about designing wrappers?
  20. What effect or significance does the package of a product have?

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