New Monument Sketches


My main objective in the redesign of this model is to create an inclusive environment for all communities and not only the caretakers which differentiates itself from the initial monument. The new monument offers a safe space that transcends into another world with a different atmosphere. The inside will be dimly lit to the point of brightness shock when exiting.

The redesign of the New York City AIDS memorial will consist of circular structure mimicking a dome. The dome will be made of white stone, a sort of smooth matte clay-like texture found all over the houses of Santorini. It will encompass most of the space available and place up on a. The dome interior will consist of white walls as well and this epicenter, a small plexiglass rounded box containing around three projectors that will project pictures sent by the audience of their loved ones who suffer or suffered from HIV. This pictures would be pictures of weddings, childhood memories and the list goes on, sent via email. The dome will be elevated through two circular rings surrounding it equally serving as seating areas for the public to stop and relax, this means that to enter, one must walk down the steps and up again. The inside of the dome will be pretty dark to allow the images to fully stand out on the white walls. No seating furniture will be in the dome, the public will sit on the ground to fully experience the memorial as a collective community.

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